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prosinec 2013

Prostřednictvím Nadace fondu dětské onkologie Krtek jsme přispěli částkou 30.000 Kč na nákup software Fibretrack na vyšetření magnetickou rezonanci pro Fakultní nemocnici Brno pracoviště dětské medicíny.


Phax and Geronimo Swimwear taking part on the model agency press conference


In half May, “Czech Models” Agency held a press conference in Prague club “Lávka” introducing the project called “Live figurines in your outlay”, which was attended by around 120 media. The aim of this project was to bring some breath of fresh air in the advertisement field by live models in the shop outlays, who seem to be much more attractive for the customer than plastic figurines as so as more inspirational. It’s a pleasure for our company that models took this role in the swimwear and beachwear collections of brands Phax and Geronimo, which Charisma Fashion Ltd. exclusively distributes.

We support Endowment fund of children’s oncology “Mole”

April 2012

For longer time, we’re considering financial support to one of the endowment funds and whereas Brno Endowment Fund of children’s Oncology “Mole” helps our smallest, we decided for it. The Endowment Fund “Mole” takes care of nurselings, children of school age and adolescents, at the same time creates projects and helps children who are hospitalised, and those who have already completed their hospitalization. We are looking forward that we can help. For more information about EA Mole, visit  http://www.krtek-nf.cz/page-homepage.html.

Moto-show Brno


What has underwear in common with motorcycles? Streetwear brand Freegun. This is why we have participated in March Brno Moto-show, on which we enabled visitors to purchase innovative design pieces of women’s and men’s underwear, T-shirts and jackets from the Freegun collections for the 2011/2012 season. Great success of this sales action inspired us to participate for similar occasions.

STYL – KABO 2012


Traditionally, we participated on the February fair Style-Kabo 2012 on the BVV. In addition to our fixed-marks Change, Charade, Chic by Change, Gattina and Geronimo – we had the opportunity to introduce three new brands which we began to distribute within the Czech and Slovak Republic at the turn of years 2011 and 2012. Our stable and new wholesale partners could look into collections autumn/winter 2012 of the French homewear brand O’Moi and English Alegro and London Calling, which collections present elegance and rock elements typical for London.

STYL – KABO 2011


Where else to present new trends in underwear and swimwear for spring/summer 2012, than at the Brno fair-trade Styl-Kabo 2011. Charisma Fashion Ltd. presented on august fair hot news from the workshops of the Bulgarian Flirt, Danish brands Change, Charade and Chic by Change, and the Colombian Phax. The creators of these brands had offered for 2012 multicoloured patterns, ethnic prints and modern designs. Collections of classic swimsuits and bikinis have been enriched with fashionable tankini and monokini.

Our profile on the BVV site

FMX Race Brno


Motocross Freestyle took place on Brno Fairground in February. Whereas the French brand Freegun widely sponsors many various freestyle actions abroad, we decided to present this brand on FMX Race in Brno. Our stand with ladies and men’s underwear, T-shirts and sweatshirts visited lots of interested persons from sportsmen as so as spectators. We look forward to the next cooperation.

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