CHANGE Lingerie

CHANGE Lingerie

Brand CHANGE is synonymous to the best possible connection of design, function and price, talking about the basic line of underwear, luxurious trendy underwear, swimwear or home and nightwear. Functionality of particular pieces of underwear is guaranteed by more than 60 year experience. This is why can CHANGE offer underwear and clothes of all cuts and sizes including bra cups in sizes A to J, which fit perfectly. Designer team constantly follows newest trends in fashion and presents two collections of underwear, beachwear and clothing every single year. Products are made from delicate silk, exclusive embroideries, softest microfiber and sophisticated lace from prestigious fabricants from all around the world. Mother company CHANGE also lead to the creation of two more brands. CHIC symbolises fashion for youngsters, CHANGE LINGERIE offers wide assortment for everyday use, sport as well as special occasions, the last one is luxurious line of underwear and nightwear, CHARADE.

Fotogalerie CHARADE

Fotogalerie CHIC

Sophisticated lingerie and clothes collection for every modern woman

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